Revenue Management

ReservEgypt Provides Revenue Management training programs for Hotels and Resorts. Revenue Management became a critical tool for business success. Today, Revenue Management is a widely accepted discipline that is providing increased revenue and profitability in the airline, hospitality, car rental, cruise line, railroad, and television broadcast industries. The Wall Street Journal has identified Revenue Management as the number one emerging business strategy. It calls Revenue Management "a practice poised to explode". If your hotel implements a revenue Management system, your organization can expect to generate anywhere from 3% to 8% additional revenue, resulting in potential significant increase in profits.

After choosing ReservEgypt to represent your hotel, we give you access to our state of the art internet based software, that will enable you to build your hotel, room types, rates and future availability and instantly change rates and availability on all the electronic channels including GDS and Internet distribution systems which will give you the ability to use different Revenue management techniques to increase your revenues and gain advantage over your competition

Our training will help you to:

  • Accurately assess future consumer behavior under dynamically changing market conditions.
  • Determine the most effective way to price and allocate inventory to reach future consumers, each and every day, making real-time adjustments as market conditions change, with the consumer in real-time.
  • Communicate this information instantaneously to sales and marketing which deal with the consumer in real-time.
  • Serve as a decision-support resource for marketing and operational functions, including but not limited to: pricing, scheduling, product development, advertising, sales, distribution, human resource utilization and capacity planning.