ReservEgypt is a Representation Company to the new world of Hotel technology; it has all the expertise in providing Hotels the accessibility to sell on the Global Distribution Systems GDS and Internet Distribution systems IDS. With all its different services, from a fast link on your Web Site to Hundreds of Thousands of Travel Agents using, SABRE, GALILEO, WORLDSPAN or AMADEUS systems around the globe.

In this ever changing online technology, ReservEgypt with its Seamless Next Generation Connectivity, will make your property benefit from the GDS & IDS's most powerful tools.

With our Worldwide reservation offices, your property can be reached from different countries by new or existing customers either by calling the Toll Free numbers or through the Internet.


Travel booking engines consist of major internet portals and specially marketed consumer travel sites. Both the Online Distribution Database (ODD) run by Pegasus and the Global Distribution System (GDS) powered engines are combined to give you the largest and most vast exposure possible on the internet. For more information check out the Pegasus Internet Booking Engines listings.


GDS Connectivity:

Any hotel can be booked electronically by travel agents if it's connected to the global distribution system (GDS) that travel agents around the world use to book airlines, rental cars and hotels.

The hotel can connect to the GDS and Internet Distribution Sites (IDS) by signing on with ReservEgypt.

Creating and maintaining connections to each of the four GDS can be very costly for a hotel company. For that reason, the majority of the world’s largest hotel companies have opted to connect to ReservEgypt.

ReservEgypt creates and maintains the connections to the GDS and IDS on behalf of the hotel.

ReservEgypt offers "seamless connectivity" between the GDS and the hotel central reservations system through its GDS Seamless Interface.

This allows travel agents to "search and shop" for the right hotel room on a real-time basis.

For travel agents using the GDS, ReservEgypt' Seamless Interface solves today’s basic incompatibility between the GDS and the hotel central reservation systems. GDS can typically store only a limited number of standard room types and rates, whereas hotel central reservation systems can store literally hundreds of different room types and rates.

ReservEgyptGDS Seamless Interface gives travel agents access to the hotel company’s most accurate and complete database: the hotel’s own central reservation database.

bulletThe GDS connects more than 500,000 travel agency reservation terminals throughout the world.

bulletReservEgypt systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.

bulletBooking and availability messages are transmitted through the ReservEgypt switch in typically less than a second.

Fast Link:

Driving business to your website and easing the booking process for your Customers: 

ReservEgypt booking engine readily transforms your Web site into a reservation portal that delivers an end-to-end solution for visitors to your site.

 ReservEgypt allows reservation managers and Revenue managers to instantly open or restrict the availability of rooms sold over the Web channel.

Property features, room types, rate plans and availability information are immediately synchronized through ReservEgypt.

 After booking a reservation through the FastLINK both the Hotel and the user receive an email confirmation instantly.

 With ReservEgypt's FastLink, your existing website can be easily and quickly transformed from static reservation methods such as e-mail, fax, or phone, to an interactive reservation process with real-time confirmations.

The FastLINK service enables your Web site to connect directly to the GDS for online reservations.

 The FastLINK helps hotels and travel portals manage reservations while they add revenue, save on distribution costs, promote your hotel brand, market properties, communicate with customers and build direct relationships with them.

Net Rate Programs:

Over 2,000 Distribution Channels With the Net Program

ReservEgypt Net Rate Program is the most cost efficient way to manage discounted room inventory and increase brand awareness through a wide distribution network. You control price-points in order to maintain brand integrity and yield manage at any time, either during reduced occupancy or increased price competition; you adjust rates accordingly via the ReservEgypt Property Administration System or your own CRS.

 We will sell your rooms over the expansive ReservEgypt Internet distribution network, over 2,000 websites, including AOL, Yahoo! and, which books over 100,000 room nights every month. Through the ReservEgypt Net Rate Program, your hotel will have access to proven channels to move distressed inventory. Every month your hotel will be marketed to millions of travel consumers previously beyond your reach. Click on the distribution network button to see a sample of the Internet distribution network which will feature participating Hotels.